Black & White Stripes Reversible Face Mask
Black & White Stripes Reversible Face Mask

Black & White Stripes Reversible Face Mask

Michelle Rose

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Handmade, double-sided face masks feature a 3" opening on one edge to insert your choice of disposable filtration material.  Pleated design allows the mask to conform comfortably to any face, and elastic bands are designed to wrap snugly behind the ears.  Every mask also comes with a piece of coordinating fabric "string" which you can use to tie the mask behind the head, if the elastic is uncomfortable around your ears.

Masks are made to order and you're welcome to customize side B from our available fabrics.

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100% cotton, reusable pleated mask is machine washable.  We recommend cold water wash & drip dry to avoid shrinkage and maintain elasticity.

Masks are made with exceptionally clean hands, in an exceptionally clean workspace, with sewing operator wearing a mask!  If it helps you feel safer, give it a light dusting of Lysol or wash and allow to dry before first wear.

As these are made to order, please allow 2-3 days for shipping or local pickup.  If selecting local pickup, please wait for a confirmation email before coming to the shop.

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