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EXCLUSIVE "Peace Is Here: Because We Make It" Tee
EXCLUSIVE "Peace Is Here: Because We Make It" Tee

EXCLUSIVE "Peace Is Here: Because We Make It" Tee


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Spacedust proprietress Michelle Rose's modern update on the famous John & Yoko billboard created in 1969.  Released on December 8, 2018.

Printed in-house at Spacedust on 100% cotton tee made in USA.  Super soft black ink print on white.  All sizes are shown in second photo for comparison of print scale.

Artist's Statement:

"I felt compelled to take the iconic billboard that John & Yoko created in 1969, and to put the most affirmative spin on it possible, in the spirit of attuning our energies with solutions and positive actions rather than problems.

"To this effect, I replaced the words but used the same font style and original design, to get people’s attention via recognition. I want everyone to know that it’s the same message. But in continued hopes of furthering this message and effecting positive growth, I changed:

YOU to WE, and

"A peaceful world is something I’ve always envisioned, and always believed is possible. Growing up, learning of John & Yoko’s efforts inspired me. But it’s not possible to fight against war; we can only remove it by making peace. I know we can make this happen, and I’m doing my part the best I can - by creating and supporting artists every day. If we are creators, then we are gods with the power to do anything.

"It’s hard to believe sometimes that we are still working on this. The Peace movement begun in the 1960s continues to this day. I think that the Maker Movement of today is part of this, and we are realizing our potential to effect big change in small ways. We must keep our spirits high, our minds clearly focused on solutions, and our hands reaching out to co-create, mold, and shape the new paradigm together. To echo some famous words... I hope everyone will join us."