Mutant Bag #19

Mutant Bag #19

Cinnamon Roll Gang

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This little guy is eager to eat your stuff!  But don't worry, it'll regurgitate it for you whenever you need it.

Local LA artist Marcel DeJure's one-of-a-kind, handmade Mutant Bags are all completely unique with their own personality.  Each Frankenstein'd freak is made with scraps of material making for a low-waste product.  Great for kids and grown-ups alike, they're perfect as trick-or-treat bags, or whenever you just need a hand to hold while walking down the street. 

With their zippered mouths and stuffed hands & dangling feet, these creative creatures will draw attention everywhere you go.

This particular Mutant Bag features pastel striped terry cloth fabric, blue checkerboard legs, and cat eyes.  Bag body measures approximately 10" wide x 11" tall.

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